Learn to cook like italians do !!!!!


We have the pleasure to introduce new courses in English for foreigners!!


Traditional italian cooking and italian pastry will be the courses held in our kitchen.


You can not only observe how to prepare italian delicious meals but you can try your hand at it!!!
We can accomodate up to 10 people and then indulge yourself in the pleasure of your own culinary delights.


Traditional italian cooking course

Learn the secrets of the Italian traditional cooking!! (and taste it!!!)

The course id divided in 5 lessons 4 hours each:

1st lessons : main dishes "primi piatti"

- pasta fresca (fresh pasta): lasagne, tagliolini, gnocchi
- tomato sauce, ragout, bechamel, pesto

2nd lesson : Milan menu (the most famous dishes from Milan cooking tradition) 
- Risotto alla milanese
- Cotoletta 
-Polpette (meat balls...real meatballs)

3rd lesson : PIZZA & PANE (pizza and bread)
how to make pizza and bread in a normal oven

4th lesson: second dishes - meat
- Scaloppine  (escalope - three recipes : white wine, marsala and mushrooms)
- Involtini (meat rolls)
- frittata (omelette)

5th lesson : "creamy desserts and special desserts"
- Tiramisu
- panna cotta
- crostata di frutta (fruit and custard tart)
- pan di spagna


the cost will be Euro 65,00 per lessons 

We can accomodate also individual lessons according to your needs